Sustainability starts here.

Wildman is committed to a sustainable future through environmental stewardship and conservation of the earth’s natural resources. We want to continually reduce our environmental footprint with innovative products and services we provide to our valued customers.

As we continue to adapt to new environmental opportunities, we have introduced our Green Benefits initiative that encompasses several aspects of our company.

To start, all of our plant processes conform to ISO 14001 requirements for environmental management standards:

  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Continuously improve practices
  • Implement preventive action plan
  • Actively prevent pollution

Our Green Factory Processes

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When soiled laundry is unloaded at our facility, it is weighed in reusable cloth bins to ensure the correct amount of water and detergent can be used for an efficient washing process.

  • This process occurs across the board with our uniforms, mats, and linen products.
  • When this occurs, less energy, water, and chemicals are consumed in the cleaning process.
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Machine runs times are reduced, garment life is improved, and garments look better overall thanks to our eco-friendly chemical wash from Gurtler Chemical.

This low alkali wash technology helps suspend soils and condition water hardness contaminants, making the overall soil removal process easier and more effective.

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After laundering soiled products, we then recover collected fluids and use them as a secondary fuel source.

  • This reclaim system keeps water temperatures higher to ensure we can reuse it.
  • Our washing process is made more efficient by this process as it allows us to reduce our overall energy consumption.
  • Once we are done with the water, it is then treated with sulfuric acid to balance pH levels before it is sent back to the city.

We’re trying to make an impact in other ways, too.

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Hanger Recycling

As a company that provides an environmentally sustainable uniform service, we are able to recycle 65% of our wire hangers. This decreases the number of hangers we must discard and reduces the overall cost to our customers.

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Garment Recycling

We recycle scrap garments and towels to be repurposed and sold to our customers. This allows us to reuse products that still have value.

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Technology & Automation

We implement automated technology, barcode scanning, and a user-friendly app to ensure products meet our highest quality standards. This automation helps reduce the energy and time it takes to fix/replace damaged products and also makes the entire process cleaner and safer.

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Exhaust System

Our efficient exhaust system allows us to achieve high air quality both inside and outside our facility. We operate under an air quality permit through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to ensure we are meeting statewide environmental regulations.

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Safe Dryer Lint

Our dryer lint is regularly tested to ensure it meets and exceeds requirements that make it safe for disposal in landfills.

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Box Reuse & Recycling

We implement an internal recycling program in which cardboard boxes are reused to ship loads between our depots. This reduces overall waste and keeps trash out of landfills.

Every change we make can have a major impact.

Just how much laundry does Wildman actually do? Short answer: about 20 million pounds per year! Check out this comparison between a normal household’s laundry and Wildman – you’ll realize that every environmentally friendly action we take can have a major positive effect on the planet!


Thank you for trusting us to be your environmentally-responsible provider of choice.

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