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Wildman Business Group

Company History

In 1952, Rex Wildman purchased a small dry cleaner. Rex learned that repairs, cleanliness, accuracy and billing determine whether you keep or lose a customer. Rex’s excellence and God’s blessing were the keys to our early success.

1977 brought about change as Brent Wildman, Rex’s son joined the company. Brent realized the opportunity in uniform rental, and in 1978 we signed our first uniform account. This move dramatically reshaped our company. This rental marketplace brought many new uniform opportunities over the years. In 1992 we sold the dry cleaning operation in its entirety and decided to put all available resources into growing the rental business. With these new opportunities, Brent never forgot the principles his father passed down to him: keep God first and excellence in all you do. Year after year growth was above average but in 1998 we had our largest growth year to date and doubled the size of the company via acquisition.

In 1999 Brent made a selfless move and brought in the best in the business, Steve Bryant. How did Steve Bryant who managed 52 plants all over the country as COO and CEO of multi-million dollar companies join Wildman Uniform and Linen? God’s Blessing is all we can figure. Since Steve’s arrival, Josh Wildman, his brother David and 3 other brother in laws have joined the company completing the 3rd generation of our family owned and operated business. With Steve’s help and direction we have worked through 3 phases. The first phase was to double the size of the company in 5 years. We did it in 4 years. The second phase again was to double the size of the company in 5 years. We did it in 3 ½ years. We are currently one year into our 3rd phase of doubling the size of the company again, and if we keep up with the current growth year to date, we will again succeed in 3 ½ years.

The company currently operates three distinct divisions all based upon service excellence.

Wildman Uniform & Linen provides uniform rental services inclusive of mats, towels, dust mops, napery and all related products to companies throughout Indiana and surrounding states.

Wildman First Aid & Safety provides first aid and safety products along with specialized training programs to customers throughout the United States.

Wildman Corporate Apparel provides the direct sale of apparel and promotional items to customers throughout the United States. We have extensive embroidery and silk screening capabilities in our processing facility.

We have enjoyed tremendous growth since the company started in 1952 and are thankful for our many fine employees, and most importantly, for all of our loyal customers.

We give all the credit to The Lord, and want nothing more than to be a blessing to all we serve.